Commercial Strainers, Trough Drains, and More for Your Food Service Facility


Tired of dealing with backed-up drain lines at your food service facility? Too often, drain lines are plagued with straws, silverware, plastic gloves and other foreign debris. In the cleaning process, employees often remove or discard of the drain strainers, making it easy for debris to enter the drain line. These unwanted items wreak havoc on your pipes, often causing massive drainage issues, business interruptions, and loss of time and money.

PermaDrain has revolutionary, patented products designed specifically to offer drain protection for your food service business — significantly reducing the occurrence of plumbing nightmares and cutting drain cleaning costs by up to 95 percent. PermaDrain has and will continue to develop the best products on the market to offer simple, yet cost-effective, solutions to your problems.

We’re here to show you that drain clogs are completely preventable!


Our Featured Products

Stop drainage problems before they start. PermaDrain offers simple, smart solutions to keep food scraps and other debris from entering the drain lines, clogging the p-traps, and damaging the plumbing system. Our products will help your restaurant business or food facility save thousands of dollars a year on drain-service calls. They’ll also keep you from incurring unnecessary losses because of downtime during repairs.

PermaDrain has created the standard for drain solutions for the commercial food service industry. Check out our products below and optimize your kitchen operations today.

Commercial strainers: trough drain
Trough Drain

There’s no Greater way to make your kitchen great again than with our first, fully assembled, fully integrated, superior alternative to trench and trough drains.

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DrainShield locking commercial drain strainer

The DrainShield is an easily installed, high-security strainer that locks in place to protect all commercial sinks with a 3 ½” drain opening and works seamlessly with existing lever drains.

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Locking dome strainer for floor drains
Locking dome strainer

The Locking Dome Strainer has more drain openings than a flat floor sink strainer and catches smaller objects and debris without stopping up the drain lines.

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Commercial strainers: safety basket

With holes and slots designed to catch objects as small as rice, our Safety Baskets  capture debris so it can easily be discarded in a trash can.

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Commercial strainers: cross strainer

The Cross Strainer  prevents large objects from entering into the drain lines. It also provides an anchor to lock down existing strainers

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Make installing PermaDrain products easier with our tools.

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Drain clogs are completely preventable




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