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Cross Strainer — A Drain Lock for Commercial Kitchen Floors

PermaDrain, the leading standard in drainage technology, offers Cross Strainer. It is the most simple, effective drain lock for commercial kitchen floors, protecting your drain lines and plumbing system.

Restaurant staff and cleaning crews usually remove drain covers on the floors when cleaning the kitchen. Without the grated covers in place, food debris and other dirt can easily enter your drain. When debris accumulates in your pipes over time, it can cause clogs or damage your entire plumbing system.

Such situations won’t happen with Cross Strainer. Our round drain lock has three anchor points that lock the floor drain covers down. It’s also easy to install. All you need is to align the anchor points with the drain holes in the floor cover and use the provided high-quality screws to secure the Cross Strainer in place.

Buy Cross Strainers today. They are available in different sizes. Place your order now.