What happens when you combine a presumed inevitable and costly food industry expense with over 75 years of Master Plumbing experience and ingenuity: PermaDrain happens. That’s what.

Combating foreign debris and preventing drain line obstructions has been our number one objective since our company’s founding. Our business model is structured around direct feedback from the restaurant industry. Our company was created to meet the needs of commercial kitchens and restaurants that suffered from continual drain cleaning, maintenance, and “rooter” expenses.

You could say we’ve taken a, “from the ground, up” approach to drain protection. Our focus began on protecting floor sinks, mop sinks, and floor drains. Since these drains are located at ground level, they pose the most risk to accumulating foreign debris. Kitchen employees often sweep debris from floors into floor sinks and floor drains. Our Locking Dome Strainer protects floor sinks and mop sinks, while our Safety Baskets provide an efficient, safe, and sanitary means of removing the fallen debris.  Our 3 ½” Cross Strainer ensures your existing floor drain covers can no longer be removed by employees and cleaning crews, protecting these floor drains from clogs and drain line back-ups.

After protecting ground level drains, we’ve naturally moved upward toward three compartment and prep sink drains. Our DrainShield seamlessly locks into place with any existing 3 ½” lever drain, protecting against clogs from debris while extending the life of your existing lever drain.

Eliminating debris from entering the sink drain doesn’t eliminate the debris itself. Much like our Safety Baskets, Scoop Up provides an efficient, safe, and sanitary means of removing food debris from sinks and discarding that debris into the proper waste receptacle.  Scoop Ups are flexible, durable, lightweight, and easily maneuver in any sink. PermaDrain Scoop Ups keep your sinks cleans, without getting your hands dirty.

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