Some things in life we cannot change. There are things we expect and accept and we try our best to manage them as well as possible. Over time, we allow the scope of these “inevitables” to encompass factors we can influence. Unfortunately, we just don’t know how. This tendency is especially evident in business and finance. Both independent businesses and large corporations waste thousands of dollars on expenses they believe to be necessary and inevitable. Allow us to illustrate how PermaDrain can remove the “In” from “Inevitable.”

Regular plumbing and drain maintenance expenses have become an expected and accepted component of any commercial kitchen or restaurant budget. Installing PermaDrain‘s Locking Dome Strainers, Safety Baskets and DrainShield will provide 24 hour protection to virtually every drain opening throughout the kitchen. PermaDrain products are easily installed, yet difficult to remove. Once installed, PermaDrain products provide business owners with up to a 95% reduction in their drain maintenance expenses. We have heard numerous testimonials from restaurant owners that have virtually eliminated drain related plumbing calls by protecting their business with PermaDrain. While attending the annual National Restaurant Association Food Expo, several restaurant owners sought the PermaDrain booth just to thank us for their first year in business without a single call to the plumber!

With PermaDrain, we don’t delay the inevitable, we eliminate the inevitable.

See the damage an unprotected mop sink can cause.