Protect it and forget it: Peace of mind and mop sinks


Every commercial kitchen or restaurant has its trash corner. Empty boxes, empty oil containers, food wrapping bags, packaging and other large debris pile up in this area until it’s time to make a trash run to the dumpster. Many wonder what lies beneath this trash heap. Well, wonder no more; it’s probably your mop sink.

Mop sinks are designed to catch water from a dumped mop bucket. Most mop sinks are floor level to allow easier dumping of a filled mop bucket. Mop sinks are originally outfitted with a flat strainer that can be easily removed and discarded. More often than not, these strainers are lost, leaving your mop sink drain unprotected. Without a strainer in place, your mop sink has now become a potential $3500-$4000 repair waiting to strike at the most inopportune time. Read on or watch the video below to witness what can happen to an unprotected mop sink.

This restaurant spent over $3500 to repair an obstructed mop sink drain when $44.95 could have prevented this expense from occurring. That’s astounding!!! This mop sink repair cost the company nearly 78x more to fix than to prevent. The choice is simple: Either protect your drains at a minimal expense now, or wait till problems occur and spend up to 78x more!!!! PermaDrain’s Locking Dome Strainer provides you with ultimate protection and peace of mind. So go ahead and treat your mop sink like a trash bin. As long as you’ve got PermaDrain, you’re protected.