As we celebrate the birth of our nation this July, let us stand together and unite for something we can ALL believe in — making America’s drains great again! What better way to make America’s drains great again than by using American-made products. PermaDrain products are made in America. Always have been and always will be.

PermaDrain helps to build American jobs. From our manufacturer to our home office, making products in America keeps jobs in America!

Making our products in the U.S.A. allows us to ensure “Made in America” quality. We can ensure American exceptionalism in design, construction and application.

No longer will we allow ourselves to fall victim to cheap, foreign imitations. Only PermaDrain’s 100% American-made products have the power to transform your sad, horrible, overflowing mess of a kitchen into the great drains our great country once possessed.

We make this our solemn vow: to leave no drain unprotected. We will rid our great nation’s food service establishments of costly, emergency plumbing calls. We will keep every commercial kitchen safe and sanitary and help our restaurateurs run their businesses efficiently, beautifully and cleanly.

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