Lever Drain - PermaDrain


Many public health and safety inspectors require that all food-prep or dishwashing sinks be outfitted with a lever or twist drain. A lever drain is an externally operable drain that allows the user to open and close the drain using a handle located below the sink. This eliminates the need to reach into the sink to open or close the drain. Utilizing a lever drain is much safer alternative to traditional drains. With the use of a lever drain, sharp utensils can be soaked in a pot-washing sink and employees can drain the sink without having to reach inside the sink and risk an injury. Meat can also be thawed without an employee having to dip their arm deep into contaminated water.

Restaurants should consider replacing any damaged or worn drains with a lever drain.


As with all drains, it is important to remember to outfit your lever drain with a strainer. Strainers prevent large food particles and other debris from entering drain lines, which could have otherwise caused an obstruction and the need for a plumber. Retrofitting with a locking strainer, such as our PermaDrain DrainShield, is a best practice for two reasons:

  1. To prevent food particle and debris from clogging the drain.
  2. To prevent damage to your lever damage.

When an unprotected lever drain begins to drain slow, it is common for kitchen staff to use a long utensil to clear a slow-flowing drain. These long, sharp kitchen utensils can damage the gasket inside the lever drain. Once the gasket is damaged, the drain will no longer seal properly, requiring the business owner to have to replace the Lever Drain.


This simple upgrade is a great way to make your kitchen more safe and sanitary.