healthy boundaries


Ever thought you were spending too much time with your plumber? Sure, he’s probably a great guy, but unlike your other friends, he expects a check at the end of each visit. Everything was easy in the beginning, nothing too serious, just a few clogs here and there. But lately your relationship seems more like a job. You only call him when you need something, and he’s always asking for money. Maybe its time to establish some healthy boundaries.

PermaDrain is the ultimate advancement in healthy boundary technology. PermaDrain is designed by Master Plumbers specifically for restaurants, grocers and food service providers. Our patented Locking Dome Strainer prevents food debris and foreign objects from entering your drains. Our Safety Strainer Baskets allow for a quick, clean and easy means of removing debris that has fallen into your floor sinks.

You still love and appreciate your plumber, we just think you should spend a little time apart. After all, distance makes the heart grow fonder.