Increase Deductions. Eliminate Expenses.

As the end of the year approaches, growing, profitable, and well-managed businesses may find themselves with more capital than expected. In an effort to reduce potential tax burdens, companies can make capital expenditures on preventive maintenance to potentially increase their deductions.

PermaDrain designs, patents, and distributes the world’s premier line of locking drain strainers designed to protect commercial kitchens, restaurants, bars, casinos, hotels, universities, and many other food service facilities. Allocating end of year capital toward PermaDrain protection will not only increase your tax deductions, but more importantly, it will save you valuable facility maintenance dollars by eliminating drain line obstructions before they start.

Optimize your tax deductions while upgrading your drain protection.

With PermaDrain, we help you save now so you can save later. Don’t wait! Get prepared today!

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