disgruntled employees vs drains


As an employer, the words “you’re fired,” can lead to lots of things. It can lead to crying, confusion, disappointment, understanding, anger and sometimes, an entire sleeve of plastic cups shoved down your floor drain. Believe it or not, it happens.

Open, unprotected floor drains, floor sinks, mop sinks and other drains can become prime targets for sabotage by a disgruntled employee.

It’s hard enough combating regular drain obstruction issues, but when the plumber removes 12 pairs of latex gloves form a floor sink, you can’t help but assume those gloves were dropped there intentionally. There is a facility maintenance director for a large casino group who, on multiple occasions, has removed an entire sleeve of disposable cups form a floor sink behind the bar.

Drain protection is not only necessary to prevent regular drain obstruction, but absolutely crucial to combat willful sabotage by a disgruntled employee. PermaDrain’s Locking Dome Strainer removes the risk of drain tampering. All PermaDrain products require special, high security, bits to install. PermaDrain products are extremely difficult to tamper with, and virtually impossible to remove discreetly.

Free your focus for success, remove the possibility for sabotage, and rest easy knowing your business is under the 24/7 protection of PermaDrain.