Common Workplace Hazards: Slips, Trips and Falls


Kitchen floors are usually extremely slippery due a mixture of water and oil that accumulates on the floor throughout the day. Much like road conditions that cause hydroplaning, the water and grease do not mix. Rather, the water now sits above the floor, while the grease creates a separation between you and the floor. Slips and falls are potentially far more dangerous in a kitchen environment than anywhere else. Heavy, hot or sharp equipment pose an extra threat of further injury when slips and fall take place. This is why it is of the utmost importance to follow these simple precautions to avoid serious injury in your establishment due to a slip, trip or fall.

1) All employees must wear slip-resistant shoes.
Slip-resistant shoes have tread rubber soles that help you remain in contact with the floor.

2) Install Locking Strainers in all floor sinks and floor drains.
The most common source of wet floors is a back up in a drain line. When physical debris enters floor sinks and floor drains, it creates a lattice work for fats, oil, grease and food debris to cling to, creating a drain line backup and several gallons of water on the floor. PermaDrain’s Locking Dome Strainers and Safety Basket prevent this debris from entering your drain lines, keeping your drains flowing and your floors dry.

3) Empty strainer baskets of food debris in your dish room floor sinks regularly.
Food debris quickly accumulates in your dish room strainers. If not emptied regularly, strainer baskets often become obstructed and can cause floor sinks to backup and spill liquids onto the floor. PermaDrain’s Safety Baskets are the only strainer baskets designed with a handle above the waterline. This design allows employees to easily remove our Safety Baskets to empty food debris and replace them back in the floor sink. PermaDrain Safety Baskets are also light-weight, as well as heat, chemical and impact resistant. Their bright yellow colors helps them to avoid being misplaced or discarded.

These best practices can help keep your kitchen high and dry while keeping your employees safe and sound. If a river runs through your kitchen, call your plumber first, then call PermaDrain.